Westoning Lower School has occupied its present site since 1913 when the school moved from the original Board School building in Church Road. The Old School as it is known in the village, which was built in 1880, is now used as the Village Hall and is the focal point for much of the community activity in the village.

In common with many village schools in the area, the school has expanded and extended over the years to keep pace with the growth in size of the community it serves. The main building was built in 1913 catering for pupils from 5-14 years. The present hall was originally used as two classrooms. The main building now houses the schools administrative base, library, ICT suite, catering facility and hall. The main building has a warmth and charm that is often not present in modern buildings and is as an integral part of the character and identity of the school.

Additional teaching accomodation is located to both the front and rear of the main building. The reception classroom was built in 1971 and an adjoining classroom was built in 1973. A temporary unit was also placed at the school in 1973 and this was replaced in 1992. In 1999 a new classroom was built and is now used for the year 2 class. In October 2003 a new year 1 classroom adjoining the reception class was completed,and the old class 2 room in the main block has been converted into an ICT suite and library. In 2009 the temporary classrooms were replaced by permanent accomodation, along with a new office and kitchen.